How To Bend Conduit

How To Bend Conduit Fast

How to bend conduit

A site where I will teach how to bend conduit to anyone who wants to learn my way. I will have you running hundreds of feet of conduit, and  I will teach you my secrets to becoming a well rounded commercial electrician.

It comes down to production on the job,  so you have to be productive. If you listen to me, I will teach you how to dominate the skill of how to bend conduit while being super productive which will lead you to more money on the job.

I will teach you how to run circles around your co-workers with ease. I PROMISE!! I don’t get caught up in math and bla bla bla when I bend conduit. We dont have time in the field to teach everything about bending conduit. This is just ONE area I will teach you to be productive.

I am a commercial electrician and deal with commercial installations ONLY! I am currently working on how to present this All In One Package to anybody who wants to make more money per hour in the commercial electrical trade.

How to bend conduit is simple if you make it that way, or technical if you are a codebook guy. It’s about being productive. It’s about my work looking better than yours and doing it faster than you can. It’s a competion to me and that’s why I strive to out perform my co-worker.

How To Bend Conduit Secrets

I can show you secrets that will take you no time at all to perfect your specialized skill of  how to bend conduit. Again, this is just ONE area I will train you in. I strive to be the best in all areas of the trade.

I will teach you how to terminate a panel, make up a box, make fast splices, terminate a transformer, how to bend conduit, plan a job, be safe, how to exceed the code with correct installations, how to save steps, how to make a head to pull wire,  what tools to carry on your side at all times, how to cut EMT fast with a hacksaw, but most of all, PRODUCTIVITY! I look forward to helping you be the best you can be on the job in the greatest skilled trade on the planet.

I will offer this All In One Package to anyone who wants to learn super fast. This All In One Package is the answer to your short comings in the commercial electrical trade.

Are you tired of being a HELPER? I know you are! Are you tired of being told how to do something? Are you tired of an average paycheck? I know you are! Do you want to run jobs? I know you do! Then change it! It’s up to you. First off, let me show you how to bend conduit.

I Will Show You How To Bend Conduit

I can go on and on telling you how to be productive bending conduit. How to bend conduit is an art and I truly enjoy it. There is much more depth to me as an electrician besides bending conduit.

As much as love electrical work, my passion is getting quality content out on the internet about things I like to write about. I love working from home writing blogs and making money doing it.

This is where the real money is my friend. Sure, we can make an honest living doing electrical work but … well I like working from home making the big bucks plus doing my full time job.

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